The Gods are Dead. The Dragons are Dying. Magick is no longer magical.

Welcome to the Third Age of Tech. Neon lights replace torches, nightclubs replace taverns. Alfr roam the streets without ears, dreorg are forced to work specifically for manual labor, and humans rule the world.

The nations are poised for war, manufacturing a slew of magickal war-weapons, taking advantage of each other, and manufacturing combat automata.

The world is still in chaos. The Dur-Gahan Kingdom, Barbarians to most of the “Civilized World” are invading in from Ikthurak.

The Grand Patriarch of Shen is running the biggest con in the history of the Oeuvre.

And on top of it all, the Gods are slowly returning from Nothingness.

And you’re caught in the midst of all of it.

Whether you be a citizen, a rebel, a Knight, a deranged, a Magicker, or an anomaly, the world rests on your shoulders.

Welcome to the Oeuvre. Hope you have enough Shards.

Shadow Wrought Heroes -- Third Age of Oeuvre